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monumental toledo

Walks through the labyrinthine streets of the Historic Center, urban view points and main monumental areas: Alcázar, Mosque, Cathedral, Jewish Quarter, Synagogues and masterpieces by El Greco.

Madinat al-yahud, Jews city

The jewish presence in Toledo dates from IV-XV centuries. We will show you the archaeological remains, the Synagogues, the undergrounds and everything we know from their arrival to their expulsion by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492.

Tulaytula, Islamic Toledo

A journey from the conquest of the city, in the year 711 to its loss in the year 1085. Cultural, architectural and military splendor. Agriculture, astrology, medicine and poetry. A time for scientific knowledge but also for nobles revolts due to the loss of the capital.

The origins of Toledo, visit to the Archaeological sites

Bellow the current low levels of the city, we find remains of hidraulic complexes (Roman Baths, Jewish and Islamic ritual baths, wells and all kinds of pipes), storage infrastructures (cisterns, silos and cold storage) or service areas such as the Cryptoporticus of Amador de los Ríos. Outside the walls of the Historic Center there are still monumentak sites as the Roman Circus, Vega Baja or Cerro del Bu.

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