What do we visit with the Tulaytula tour?

Alcázar & Mosque os El Cristo de la luz

We will begin our journey at the impressive Zocodover and Alcázar, silent witnesses of glorious eras. We will admire their imposing walls and towers as we are transported to the grandeur of a legendary past. Discover the Mosque of Christ of the Light, a sacred place that represents the fusion of cultures, where Islamic heritage meets Christian presence. Admire its unique architecture and let yourself be enveloped by the atmosphere of serenity and transcendence that emanates from its walls. An unmissable point on your tour of Toledo.

Santa Fé y Galiana Palace

Explore the Church of Santa Fé and the Galiana Palace, where Islamic splendor merges with architectural elegance. Its exquisite gardens and intricate courtyards will reveal to us the delicacy of Muslim influence in the city.

Santa Clara convent and Church of El Salvador

Visit the Convent of Santa Clara and the Church of El Salvador, sacred places where we will be enveloped in an atmosphere of spirituality and peace, where Christian and Islamic beliefs converge in a wonderful syncretism. Its Gothic architecture transports us to the Middle Ages, revealing the religious and cultural influence that has shaped the city throughout the centuries.

Ángel and Teñerías baths

We will delve into the Baños del Ángel and the Teñerías, where we will experience an encounter with tradition and medieval craftsmanship. These baths, once used for dye production, will reveal to us the secrets of an era when Toledo flourished as a cultural and commercial center.

Immerse yourself in the Islamic legacy of Tulaytula, discover its beauty, and let yourself be captivated by its history. Our tour will take you through these iconic places, guided by experts in local history and culture. Don't miss the opportunity to live a unique experience in Toledo, where the past and present intertwine in harmony!

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